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Technician Membership Examination in Civil Engineering

Subject Code
Basic Civil Engineering

Technical Writing

Engineering Physics & Applied Mechanics

Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Drawing

Engineering Chemistry
TC 1.1

TC 1.2

TC 1.3

TC 1.4

TC 1.5

TC 1.6
Subject Code

Fluid Mechanics & Machinery

Soil Mechanics

Mechanics of Solids

Basic Structural Design

Environmental Engineering

Construction Technology

Estimation, Costing & Specifications

Civil Engineering Designs
TC 2.1

TC 2.2

TC 2.3

TC 2.4

TC 2.5

TC 2.6

TC 2.7

TC 2.8

TC 2.9
Additional Subject For T Engg. Civil Part II Student
Engineering Graphics & Design

Fundamentals of Civil Engineering
TC 2.10

TC 2.11
  ICE(I) Result Declared Summer 2019 Examination
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